Red Israeli threads

 In Israel, a long red thread is tied around the grave of Rachel, who is the biblical foremother. The Kabbalists consider Rachel to be the mother of the whole world. Her greatest desire was to protect all her children from evil. All her life she lived as a defender of all mankind. According to the Kabbalah, the places of burial of the righteous are the portal of energy that they created for their lives. The Red Thread is brought to Rachel's grave, where she is charged with her power of defense, for no power will defeat maternal love and protection. This thread is then cut into pieces that are worn on the left wrist.

Ask the person you love to tie a Red Thread to your left wrist. Let first he or she tie it tightly around your wrist with a simple knot. Repeat tying the thread six more times to have seven knots. Now promise yourself that you will refrain from negative thoughts or judgments about others. Such harmful behavior will prevent your efforts from gaining personal satisfaction and protection. And now ask this person to complete this process by reading the prayer of Ben Porat (read from right to left) or the prayer of Ana Be-Kofh, which will not let the others cast an evil spell on you. It is recommended for the Jews to read the Ana-be-Koah prayer.

The Red Thread is worn on the left hand. The Kabbalists found out that negative energy comes from the left side of the body. The left arm and shoulder refers to the desire to receive for oneself, and the right shoulder and hand refers to the desire to share. Thus, negative forces enter us from the left side of the body.

All the threads purchased in our shop have passed the necessary rite, are sent directly from Israel, each thread is in an individual bag and contains instruction on tying and the text of the prayer of Ben Porat in Russian. On issues of wholesale supplies -


  Red thread

Red thread

  • Material: woolen thread, insert - 925 silver
  • Length: is regulated, браслет - регулируется
  • Manufacturer: hand made, Israel

Price:   5 $


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