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 "Jewelry by Elena Dobrovolsky"  was created in 2013 by Elena Dobrovolskaya in Israel. In its homeland, Israel, the brand is known as " Co.Cos.Jewelry " for easy pronunciation. 

In the early works you can find jewelry made of stones and leather and even of vintage elements, in the last collections the author's style started to be clearly distinguished - it contains minimalism and geometry, enclosed in metal and stone.

The designer doesn’t hide the truth and admits honestly that she uses both natural and synthesized stones, and even jewelry glass, the main metal of all collections is latten brass with rhodium or golden coating. That allows the designer to experiment with the form, giving each month a new collection and keep prices for jewelry in the middle price segment. A couple of times a year the designer produces capsule collections of silver and stones, which are immediately taken by loyal customers.

The geography of the brands’ customers is wide - this is the homeland of the brand itself, Israel, and the birthplace of the designer, Russia, as well as most of the European countries and America. The brad is mostly popular in Russia of course, in the homeland of the designer, and every month the representatives of the brand participate in the best markets of Russia; all the announcements can be read on the Jewelry by Elena Dobrovolsky Instagram page or on the site in the "News" section; the information about the shops in which jewelries are presented can be found in the section "Contacts".

In 2019, a decision was made to merge and rebrand. Now the full name of the brand is Co.Cos.Jewelry by Elena Dobrovolsky, rebranding touched the printing industry; social networks remained the same Jewelry by Elena Dobrovolsky for the Russian market and Co.Cos.Jewelry for Israel, Europe and America. When ordering online jewelries are sent around the world. We are always glad to receive feedback and reply to all of them within two days, and you can write to us in any convenient way indicated in the "Contacts" section.

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